What if all the money you spent on your website and app could help disciple a young person?

ChurchConnect is an open-source church app built through the cooperation of churches and Sharptop Software Co., and our mission is to use education and discipleship to create a community of software professionals who are always looking for the next opportunity to say, "Yes!" to God.  Oh, and along the way, we create some awesome software - like ChurchConnect.



Encourage Immediate Action

ChurchConnect is designed from the ground up to be used during the service when attendees are most likely to respond.  Signing up for an event and online giving are just a touch away.

Increase Giving

With mobile giving, your members can finally participate in the offering even if they don’t carry cash or checks.  After service and throughout the week, members can give anytime they feel led to.


Grow Your Social Media Reach

It's effortless for your people to instantly share a moving song or sermon quote. During the announcements, your congregation can sign up and share events with their social networks.  The weekly buzz during service times will help grow your social media impact.

Reconnect With the Service

How often have you asked yourself, “What was that great song from Sunday?”  Our shareable song list and sermon archives enables attendees to reconnect with the service and share their experiences throughout
the week.


Reduce Overhead Costs

Eliminate bulletin printing costs by providing targeted news, announcements, media, and more right in members’ pockets.

Support Outreach

All proceeds from ChurchConnect support local churches and Christian outreach programs that share the love of Jesus by providing technology to young people and adults.

  • Announcements

  • Events Calendar

  • Mobile Giving

  • Song List

  • Groups

  • Prayer Requests

  • Sermon Notes

  • Sermon Video & Audio

  • Sermon Archive

  • Social Share

  • Blogs

  • Church Information

ChurchConnect is open-source software.
You can host and managed ChurchConnect yourself for...




Or, sponsor a partial scholarship for one of our students, and they will create and customize your app.